rules & regulations



The rules of the community must be observed by all :


  1. The President and community members are given authority to enforce them.


  1. It is totally forbidden for anyone to use common elements in any form different from the one it is established or built for.


  1. In case of breakages or deterioration of a common element due to the inadequate usage, the person responsible will be asked to pay for the damage.


  1. Activities that create noise or can be bothersome to the neighbours are not allowed during the hours of 2200 to 0800 in Winter and from 0000 to 0800 in the Summer (July and August). These hours are considered the normal resting hours.


  1. It is forbidden to have barbecues or leave private utensils or furniture in the common areas. ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE POOL AREA BY 2200 OR 0000 EACH DAY IN SUMMER PERIOD AS PER ITEM Nº4 ABOVE.




(When using the pool the following rules must be respected:)


  1. No ball games or other games that can interrupt other bathers as for example excessive splashing, jumping, diving etc.


  1. No lilos, dinghies or other inflatables should be used in the pool except swimming aids such as arm bands, rings etc. which are being used for that purpose.


  1. No food and beverages are allowed in the pool nor should any type of container be left around or in the pool, please use the bins provided.




  1. All bathers MUST shower before using the pool, being careful to eliminate all sun creams and products etc. in order to avoid these residues getting in the pool.


  1. The pool should not be used between the hours 2200 or 0000 and 0800 in order to allow the chemical cleaning products used for the pool to function. As a courtesy noise levels should be kept to a minimum during siesta hours which generally are 14.00 to 16.00 hours.


  1. When in the pool bathing clothes only are allowed. If using wetsuits please wash them before getting into the pool. Everybody should be dressed appropriately in ALL areas including the pool area.


  1. When you leave the pool please ensure you take your litter with you or place it in the bins provided.


  1. Receptacles for cigarette ends must be used.




  1. SPANISH LAW APPLYS TO OUR POOL which states that any children under the age of 12 years of age MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 15. Babies must wear appropriate swimming nappies, in order to avoid accidents and the pool closure.


  1. In the case of rentals the administration should be informed of the names of the occupants and the guests should be given a copy of the rules of the community and they should agree to respect and follow them.


  1. The pedestrian gate access door from the street to the common area should always remain locked. Owners must ensure that the gates leading to the pool area and phase 1 and 2 must remain closed at all times.


  1. It is agreed that towels duvets and clothes will not be hung from the balconies front and back, or walls. It is also forbidden to display signs or any kind of objects in the same areas.


  1. It is forbidden to leave personal goods (clothes, shoes, furniture, etc) in communal areas as stairs, corridors, garage, pool area, etc.


  1. In order to keep some sort of uniformity, owners wishing to erect awnings and any other such issues on their property should check with the President before going ahead with the installation or repair.


  1. It is absolutely forbidden as stated in article 7 of the horizontal property Law, to do alterations, modifications, additions or any kind of building works in the façade or exterior of the property (including solarium) without the permission from the community in a general meeting.


  1. EVERY OWNER/TENANT has the obligation of taking proper care of his/her pets by keeping the terrace and surrounding house area clean of animal excrement and NOT cleaning them into the communal areas. It is also important that animal noises should be kept to a minimum so that other residents are not disturbed. If the animal uses the terrace to carry out his excrement then the owner/tenant must provide a sealed receptacle to keep the excrement in and clear up immediately. (This is to prevent flies and diseases). It is also FORBIDDEN for animals to be in the pool area. Dogs must be always on a lead within the communal areas and owners are responsible for cleaning the dirt that the animal can cause.


  1. The garage access is via the gate in Calle Tierra 7, by fase II of the community, close to block 7 of the complex. In the same way, the exit of the garage is via the gate in Calle Tierra 5, by fase I of the community; close to block 1 of the complex.


  1. It is forbidden to smoke in the lifts and garage.


  1. It is forbidden to get out of the pool area wet towards the blocks. Please make sure you are dry before entering the lift and communal areas.


Community Rules and Regulations and the legal framework behind them can occasionally seem intrusive and tiresome. However they exist in order to promote the smooth and orderly running of the complex to ensure all owners can get maximum enjoyment from their property AND to protect each owner’s financial stake in the community.